3rd Bangkok Experimental Film Festival
21. November - 22. Dezember 2001
November 21st - December 22nd, 2001
Aktueller Deutscher Experimentalfilm [beim BEFF]
Recent German Experimental Film [at BEFF]
(curated by Gerhard Büttenbender and Michael Brynntrup)

Programm 1 | program 1

Konfrontationen | Confrontations

(die neugierigen Blicke und der Spiegel-Blick) |
(the nosy looks and the mirror-look)

9 filme/video | 93 min
This program illuminates the tension between 'fact and fiction' respectively 'picture and image'. Here we find poetic, documentary and narrative settings; in many of these films appear 'dancing people', who are either observed by a hidden camera or pleasurefully choreographed. Some of these films prove an 'ethnic' interest (also in the Western Civilized); others are inspired by the consumary world (also by the consumary world of pictures). A film program between 'ready-made'-manufacture and 'Pop-obsession'.
(MB) [deutsch]

Angela Hanke-Wahls
in my slipstream | in my slipstream
4:30 min | 2001 | video (miniDV) | col | stereo | D/Braunschweig
In the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco many people fall into a trance during the summer nights. They let themselves be carried away by the bands and through the rhythmic stimulation of dancing and drum playing body and soul are inspired. The experimental composition of sound and visuals, shot on infrared film, was created for the "Kleine Nachtmusik für Traumtänzer" (petty night-music for dream-dancers).

Angela Hanke-Wahls is working on moving images since 1991. She combines different fragments of dream, diary notes and manipulates experienced realities and brings about the interlocking of different planes of conciousness.
Karola Schlegelmilch
Die Resonanz von Augenblicken II | (The Resonance of Moments II)
30 min | 2001 | 16mm | col | sound | D/Berlin
The Resonance of Moments II is a trilogy mostly out of Super-8 shots that I took on trips in Europe and Westafrika. The material documents enjoyable and playful situations, enacted privately or as a show. Behind the surface lightness they penetrate into existential domains wich otherwise seem to be excluded from everyday life.

Karola Schlegelmilch: Born in 1964, studies of Art and Visual Kommunication. Trips to Iceland and Westafrica. Freelance artistic work in photography, video and film.
Matthias Fritsch
Kneecam No.1 | Kneecam No.1
4 min | 2000 | video (miniDV) | col | sound | D/Berlin
Real or set up? The camera as a voyeur in an extraordinary situation and level of intimacy. A fragment of the Berlin Fuck Parade, the anti-parade in response to the Love Parade.

Matthias Fritsch: Born in 1976; he works with video since 1997. For his works he got some prices in germany and italy. After learning carpenter he is studying "interaktive Videodesign" in Berlin. In a group of other filmentusiasts he is organising the Independent Film- and Videofestival "Circles of Confusion". (for more information see: www.circles-of-confusion.de)
Jannicke Låker
No.17 | No.17
11 min | 1997 | Video (HI8) | col | sound | D/Berlin+Norway
In no 17 you'll meet a Norwegian girl as she contacts a bemused American tourist on the streets of Trondheim. She invites him to come home with her. He is offered tea and something to eat. Soon she starts to complimenting him on his physique. She makes him show his muscles and dance for her.

Jannicke Låker is a Norwegian video artist, who works and lives in Berlin. She has been working with video since 1995 and has until now done about 15 pieces. Her work has been described as a mixture between fiction and documentary.
Frank Werner
Brennender Herzen Ewige Glut | (no translation intended)
9:30 min | 1997 | video (BetaSP) | col | sound | D/Berlin
a three acts' play, a mute film -- a melodrame accompagnied by music -- a ballet about love, misery and destruction -- a story, somewhere, from a german forrest

Frank Werner: Born in 1968; studies of dance in Hannover and Rotterdam 1990-1994; Braunschweig School of Arts 1995-2001; master year at Goldsmiths College London 2001
Annette Hollywood
snowworld | snowworld
8:55 min | 1998 | video (U-matic) | col | sound (stereo) | D/Braunschweig
so many times you're -- doing the same thing / and waiting for -- something happening / open the door -- what are you waiting for / projection-reflection -- connection-action / if you act and do -- something wrong / don't believe you cannot -- go on / cristallisation -- imagination / realisation -- solvation / reality-phantasy -- talk to me / I try to get in contact with Catherine Deneuve and Susan Sarandon, it is a game between reality and phantasy.

Annette Hollywood: Born in 1969; 1988-91 wood sculpturist, 1992-99 studied fine arts at the Braunschweig School of Arts, 2000 Master's degree; 2000 New York University.
Oliver Husain
12:47 min | 1999 | video (BetaSP) | col | sound | D/Frankfurt
Ron & Leo are twins, lovers, furry animals and a pop group in a crisis. The video shows their fights at the press conference, the artistic attempts of a solo carreer etc like a melodramatic musical. The computergenerated set has been constructed textures and elements found in public spaces and metro stations.

Oliver Husain studied fine arts and film in Baroda (India) and Offenbach (am Main) until 1998; since then, he´s been doing performance art, music videos a monthly radio show; his cubicle/studio is located on the tenth floor of an officetower in downtown frankfurt.
Björn Melhus
6:15 min | 1997 | Video (BetaSP) | col | sound | D/Berlin
A short story about new bodies, the power of denial and a state of no sunshine. - Two infantile bodies are floating in a cyberspace ball. They are simultaneously connected with two subconscious bodies in the background. The attempt of unification and metamorphosis is interrupted by one part, mean-while the other part is liberated. A glance over the shoulder means destruction. The sources for the soundtrack are fragments of the childhood voices of early Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder songs.

Bjørn Melhus studied film and video at the Braunschweig School of Arts (Germany) and the California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles. In 2001 he received a one year residency at the International Studio and Curatorial Program in New York. He works with film, video and installation since 1986.
Philipp Hirsch
CA.BLAU | (About Blue)
4 min | 1997 | video (S-VHS) | col | sound | D/Crimmitschau
Strange bees float through strange factories which remind us in a peculiar way of a wellknown brand of 'Megapearl' soap-powder.

Philip Hirsch "There is no biography, because he is young. Although: there is no filmography, because this film is his only one." (remarks of the distributor Interfilm Berlin).

Programm 1
Konfrontationen | confrontations
(die neugierigen Blicke und der Spiegel-Blick)

Dieses Programm beleuchtet das Spannungsfeld zwischen 'fact und fiction' bzw. 'Bild und Abbild'. Hier finden sich poetische, dokumentarische und narrative Ansätze; in vielen dieser Filmen tauchen 'Tanzende' auf, die entweder mit verdeckter Kamera beobachtet oder lustvoll choreographiert werden. Einige der Filme belegen ein 'ethnologisches' Interesse (auch an den westlich Zivilisierten); andere sind von der Warenwelt (auch von der Warenwelt der Bilder) inspiriert. Ein Filmprogramm zwischen 'ready-made'-Konfektion und 'pop-Obsession'.