3rd Bangkok Experimental Film Festival
21. November - 22. Dezember 2001
November 21st - December 22nd, 2001
Aktueller Deutscher Experimentalfilm [beim BEFF]
Recent German Experimental Film [at BEFF]
(curated by Gerhard Büttenbender and Michael Brynntrup)

Programm 2 | program 2

Irritationen | Irritations

(die seltsamen und die fixierten Blicke) |
(the strange and the fixed looks)

8 filme/video | 89 min
In this program one finds many films of filmmakers who live or work 'abroad' (Germans abroad, 'foreigners' in Germany). Although partly abundantly illustrated these films are distinguished in reduction and minimalism of the formal language. They all have in common the formal but also the contextual focus on a specific phenomena (and might this even be exceptionally strange in a curious way).
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Caspar Stracke
HOBART [version II] | HOBART [version II]
11 min | 1999 | 35mm+BetaSP | bw | sound | D/Hamburg+New York
The short film HOBART is an episode of the feature length film CIRCLE'S SHORT CIRCUIT. The story of Hobart was partially inspired by the French surrealist "L'Écume des Jours" by Boris Vian. It is a silent film in every sense, language was entirely removed - even from the inter titles. One and a half years after its completion, the work was dissected scene by scene and re-assembled as a non-narrative montage. The procedure happened with forced objectivity, as if the film maker would not have shredded his own work, but rather an old exotic adventure flick from the 30's.

Caspar Stracke is a Video Artist from Hamburg, Germany, living and working in New York City since 1993. Until 1996 he worked in the realm of Experimental Film before he religiously converted to Digital Media. His films, videos and installation work has been shown in numerous exhibitions, retrospectives and festivals in the US, Europe and Japan.
Nino Pezzella
30 min | 2000 | 16mm | col | sound (opt) | D/Frankfurt
This film deals in a cinematic and artistic way with a religious snake cult descending from prehistoric times. Every year, in may, the statue of the holy Domenicus is carried through the alleways in a procession in Cocullo, a small mountain village of the Abruzzi region, located in Middle Italy. Living snakes, just awoken from hibernation surround the statue. This work is fundamentally autobiographical and attempts to explore the director's cultural affinity towards this country.

Nino Pezzella: Born in 1961 in West Germany, raised in Italy; studied Painting and Art Theorie at Städelschule / Frankfurt am Main 1980-88; MFA (master of fine arts) filmmaking, School of the Art Institute of Chicago and San Francisco Art Institute 1989-92; since 1997 teacher for drawing at Städelschule / Frankfurt am Main.
Volker Schreiner
5:58 min | 2000 | video (BetaSP) | col | sound (stereo) | D/Braunschweig
Three cameras on one, two, three floors of a staircase, in one time at one place, in one, two, three times at one place, in one time at one, two, three places, in one, two, three times at one, two, three places.

Volker Schreiner: since 1980 objects and sculptures; since 1988 video works; since 1993 lectures and seminars, 1993 lectureship Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe, 1994-98 lectureship Hochschule für Bildende Künste Braunschweig, 2000/01 associate professor Hochschule für Bildende Künste Braunschweig
Katharina Wibmer
Franzi | Franzi
4:39 min | 1993 | video (BetaSP) | col | sound (mono) | D/Ludwigsburg
'Franzi' is a film about Franzi. What makes Franzi different from other people is that the impulse of her movement does not derive from her own body but is created 'from the outside' by the camera filming her. The charakter Franzi and her tragi-comical experiences are the product of an artificial world of images; an ironical fiction.

Katharina Wibmer is musician and director for videoart and objekttheater, made videos since1990; studied puppetry and animationfilm in Stuttgart and Ludwigsburg. Since 1996 she did videoinstallations for exhibitions; last show was at the Expo 2000. At the moment she is directing a puppetshow.
Nikolaus Steglich
Platz da | (no translation intended)
4 min | 2001 | Video (VHS) | col | sound | D/Berlin
Erotic garbage with nymphomaniac policewoman.

Nikolaus Steglich: I was born in 1976 in Munich next to the Hofbraeuhaus. Today I am living and working in Berlin. Since 1999 I have been working on the Spaghetti Napoli Installation, for which tomato sauce has to be boiled down for years.
Micki Tschur
The Spanky Monkey Movie | The Spanky Monkey Movie
15 min | 1998 | video (Super8+16mm) | col | sound | D/Frankfurt
The Spanky Monkey Movie is a parody about a fetish doll. Its about finding ways to represent the idea of spanking the monkey, or wasting your time in self-serving activities. Spanky Monkey becomes glorified into a merchandising icon, represented in the form of bottle openers, fly swatters, ashtrays, soap dishes and pictured on T-shirts and bumperstickers. To order a catalogue write to: furtschur@yahoo.com

Micki Tschur was born in Germany, grew up in the United States and completed her studies in Studio Arts in Chicago, IL. Came to Frankfurt, Germany in 1995 to do a supplementary study at the Städelschule. She works in a myriad of materials from film to porcelain all depending on what suits the subject matter.
Jürgen Reble
13 min | 1996 | 16mm | bw | sound (opt) | D/Bonn
This film was provoked by a trip on the overhead railway through the centre of Chicago in 1991. I filmed a twelve minute piece facing forwards in the direction we were driving. Three years later I came across the film material once more. The memory of it had faded, and its images were just as vague. So I worked on the material using a bleaching bath. (...)

Jürgen Reble: Born in 1956; Member of the filmgroup Schmelzdahin 1979-89; since 1992 collaboration with soundartist Thomas Köner in films, performances and installations; since 1993 teaches in workshops about the chemical treatment of film; since 1997 visual arrangements for concerts of Porter Ricks; Kunstfonds Stipendium 1997; lives in Bonn.
Christoph Girardet
4:45 min | 2000 | DVD-R | col | stereo | D/Hannover
A montage of record players and gramophones from various films. Original sound has been replaced by the sound of scratches, similar to grooves in unplayed records. Single rotations of the records are repeated over and over and the barely perceptible cuts create skips on the records (which not appear in the original version). The record player's almost identical number of rotations creates a rhythmic structure, the total length of which corresponds to the average length of a piece of music.

Christoph Girardet: Born in 1966; since 1987 videotapes and videoinstallations; 1988-94 Braunschweig School of Art; single and group exhibitions e.g. Museum of Modern Art Oxford, Van Abbe Museum Eindhoven, PS1 Contemporary Art Center New York; lives in Hannover, Germany

Programm 2
Irritationen | Irritations
(die seltsamen und die fixierten Blicke)

In diesem Programm häufen sich Filme von Filmemachern, die 'in der Fremde' leben bzw. arbeiten (Deutsche im Ausland, Ausländer in Deutschland). Alle diese Filme, obwohl teils reichhaltig bebildert, zeichnen sich durch Reduktion und Minimalismen in der Formsprache aus. Allen gemeinsam ist der formale und auch inhaltliche Fokus auf ein spezifisches Phänomen (und mag dieses auch noch so 'wunderseltsam' sein).