3rd Bangkok Experimental Film Festival
21. November - 22. Dezember 2001
November 21st - December 22nd, 2001
Aktueller Deutscher Experimentalfilm [beim BEFF]
Recent German Experimental Film [at BEFF]
(curated by Gerhard Büttenbender and Michael Brynntrup)

Programm 3 | program 3

Sehnsüchte | Longings

(die gebannten und die entspannten Blicke) |
(the spellbound and the relaxed looks)

7 filme/video | 90 min
The films of this program show atmospheric condensations as an expression of present frame of minds and moods at its best. The looks are partly turned backwards to one's own childhood and origin in a nostalgic way and partly fixed forward in a hopeful and expectant way. All these films bear an almost passionate melancholy in view of the irretrievable-past or the ultimate unattainable.
(MB) [deutsch]

Matthias Müller
Alpsee | Alpsee
15 min | 1994 | 16mm | col | sound (opt) | D/Bielefeld
A childhood in the sixties.
A heart beats in the cabinet. Voices rain down on the city. A tree grows on planet Mars. It's a miracle.

Matthias Müller: Born in 1961. Films and videos since 1980. Müller has taken part in various international festivals, such as the festivals of Cannes, Venice, Berlin and Rotterdam. He has organized numerous touring programs and festivals. Moreover, he has participated in several exhibitions such as the "Manifesta 3" (Ljubljana), "Notorious" (MOMA Oxford) and "Playing Amongst The Ruins" (Royal College of Art, London). His work has gained more than forty awards worldwide.
Marcel Schwierin
DIE BILDER | (The Pictures)
24 min | 1994 | 16mm | col+bw | sound | D/Berlin
In 20th's mountain adventures and Kodachrome amateur film material, I find myself searching for a past I never experienced, although it is a part of me more than my own. A melodramatic self-portrait using found footage. Intertitles: 'The blue confirmation boy' - 'The sea'- 'Roses.Red' - 'The mountains' - (The years go by)

Marcel Schwierin: Born in 1965. Film-maker, curator, film-scientist. Made films since 1989. Currently working on a documentary about the aesthetic of the Third Reich. Editor of oVid, an internet database for experimental film and video art (www.werkleitz.de/ovid). Lives in Berlin, Oldenburg and Werkleitz.
Stanislaw Mucha
EIN WUNDER | (A Miracle)
7 min | 1998 | video (betaSP) | col | sound | D/Gattendorf
Is it possible to film wonders? The camera shows pilgrims, who watch a window of a school in a small town in the East of Poland, where several people already believed to have seen the Virgin Mary.

Stanislaw Mucha: Born in 1970 in Nowy Targ, Poland. After taking final school examinations he studied acting at the “Ludwik Solski" Drama School in Cracow, graduating with an M.A. in 1993. Then joined Cracow´s ´Old Theatre´. Studied film directing at the Konrad Wolf College of Film and Television at Potsdam-Babelsberg from 1995-99. Was a fellow of the Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart in 1999.
Frank Biesendorfer
No Wonder | No Wonder
12 min | 1999 | 16mm | col | sound | D/Frankfurt
No Wonder, a voice-over narrates a metaphorical voyage of a rabbit, as a collection of images from my surroundings, work place and personal life contemplate its search for its destiny.

Frank Biesendorfer makes home movies since 1995 and is a chef cook working in a restaurant in Frankfurt Germany . He has a passion for Golf and physical fitness. He's currently working on a project (I Played High School Football) an autobiographical movie. He makes super8 and 16mm films.
Anna Gollwitzer
Leidenschaften | (Passion)
14:27 min | 1996 | video (betaSP) | col | sound | D/Braunschweig
The film is about a woman who meets another woman and leans of her obsession, and who goes to another town on the strenght of this, in order to meet a woman and there learns of her obsession.

Anna Gollwitzer: Born in 1968, performances until 1994, since 1994 experimental films and videoinstallations, since 1995 studiing fine arts at the HBK Braunschweig. 2000-2001 scholarship at NYU New York, 2001-2002 grant from Kunstverein Wolfsburg with the project "talktv" (live talk tv shows and videos "to talk about art and more").
Carsten Gebhardt
Mittwoch | (Wednesday)
13 min | 1999 | 16mm | col | optic+magnetic | D/Chemnitz
A day in the live of a young girl.
She spends the afternoon with a man.
In the evening she goes to a club.

Carsten Gebhardt: Born in 1962. From 1994 to 2001 he was director of the theatre project in the alternative cultural centre VOXXX in Chemnitz and produced several plays. In 1996 he made his first video. Since 1998 he does short films, in which disorientation and ambivalence of its characters feelings are the determining items.
Maxi Bade
Jahrtausendwende | (Turn of the Millenium)
4 min | 1996 | Video (HI8) | col | sound | D/Köln
We look at a flock of sheep that stares at us. The view doesn't change. In the lower half of the picture we can recognize a digital clock that shows the count-down. The distance between the sheep and the viewers cannot be bridged over despite the intensive sight-contact. Do both sides stare at each other or do they observe an object that lies between them- maybe the projection spot? Sheep and on-looker (viewers) stare at each other really tense without being able to get into contact. The flock remains automative, chewing, grazing and staring.

Maxi Bade was born in Munich in 1975. The year 1995 he spent in the Ukraine. East Europe is the topical base of his work. He receives a grant of the German Academic Exchange Service in 2000 and goes to Tomsk in Siberia. Mainly he works installative with photographs, video and performance. Maxi Bade lives in Berlin.

Programm 3
Sehnsüchte | Longings
(die gebannten und die entspannten Blicke)

Die Filme dieses Programms zeigen atmosphärische Verdichtungen als Ausdruck von höchst gegenwärtigen Stimmungen und Befindlichkeiten. Teils sind die Blicke nostalgisch rückwärtsgewandt auf die eigene Kindheit und Herkunft, teils aber auch hoffnungsvoll und voller Erwartung nach vorne gerichtet. Allen diesen Filmen ist eine fast leidenschaftliche Melancholie zu eigen, angesichts von Unwiederbringlich-Vergangenem oder letztlich Unerreichbarem.