Oct 15th - Nov 24th, 2015

META HOUSE, Phnom Penh
(November 5-6, 2015)

[ supported by the Goethe-Institute Vietnam
and the Braunschweig University of Art (HBK) ]

Programm 2 | program 2
Aktuelle Arbeiten von Studierenden der HBK-Filmklasse | Recent works by the Film Class Braunschweig | FILMKLASSE BRAUNSCHWEIG

[ 69 min | 2011-2015 | 11 filmvideo ]

Sat, 07.11.2015, 19.00h-21.00h? - Phnom Penh, Meta House

Every year at the HBK Open House, the students of the Film Class present their new works. In addition to a two-hour film program, they also exhibit photo works, sound installations and video installations. The program presented here includes some of the single-channel works from the academic years 2011-2015. These film/videos feature all the technical possibilities that are available to the Film Class: from hand-developed 16mm film to computer-generated “signals”. The students are free to choose their own artistic tools. The crucial factor is always the student’s personal worldview, creativity and power of imagination. This has resulted in very diverse visual worlds: besides formal/abstract works, there are also documentary ones and poetic/intimate ones. However, the focus and interest of each auteur is to report on the self as an individual, and on one’s personal view of the world. (MB)
Alice Angeletti
Uovo al pomodoro
6:00 min | 2013 | HD (16:9) | col | sound (no dialog) | OV (UTen)

Scrambled eggs with tomato sauce is a delicious and easy Italian dish. It tastes best when fresh tomato sauce is mixed with an egg and salted to taste. The preparation is fast and easy. Enjoy your meal!
Alice Angelettiis born in 1978 in La Spezia, Italy. She studied Egyptology and Ancient Literature at Pisa and Tübingen Universities. She moved to Germany in 2007, and since 2011 she's attending the University of Arts in Braunschweig (HBK) and studying Fine Arts in the courses of M.Brynntrup and C.Schnitt
Sabine Janz
5:16 min | 2013 | digifile 4:3 (Super8) | bw | stereo | (no dialog)

This short film was shooting in Super8 and describe my feelings in November at the coast of Tallinn, Estonia. Like the title said is this film dealing with the topic loneliness witch you can understand by visiting the scandinavian countries in the late autumn. By using toys on the beach I tried to catch the monotony and the fight again this feeling of not be alone. The black & white quality also accompany the authentic of the film.
Sabine Janz was born in Germany in 1984. She was trained as a bookbinder and studied Fine Art at the University of Fine Arts in Braunschweig with Professor Michael Brynntrup and Professor Thomas Virnich from 2008 till 2015. Her medium is film and photography, and installation. In her study abroad in Israel and Estonia, as well as during her trips through Russia, China and Jordan, she traveled not only the world, but rather she applies herself to the underlying cultures in an artistic form.
Jie Jie Ng
Details of Time
6:20 min | 2014 | HD (16:9) | col | sound (no dialog)

Moments are fleeting and temporal. Before long, they seem to escape us. In the home of my parents, I found among the objects in drawers, an emotional connection to the past. By going through them attentively and systematically, I find a way not only to categorize and organize these moments, but also to freeze them. In this way, they stay.
Jie Jie Ng was born in 1977 in Singapore. Studied Comparative Literature in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA (1999-2003). Has been studying in the Art University of Braunschweig in the Film Class of Professor Michael Brynntrup since 2010, currently studying as 'Meisterschüler'.
Ori Jauch
8:43 min | 2015 | HDV | col | stereo | OVen (UTdt) (no dialog)

We live in a world full of gadgets and screens that are supposed to help us for a better life. As a result it leads towards an acceleration of every aspect of life. Our social, psychological and cultural behavior in the virtual world, as a part of the real world, gives an insight to our economic (in-)doctrine(-nation). The pictures point to different metaphors of acting in virtual life. The filmic abstraction discusses the circumstances and consequences without a moral intent and uses a humorous point of view to transform this behavior into a staged reality.
Ori Jauch, *1988, student in the filmclass since 2015.
Rico Chibac
virtual realitv
4:13 min | 2011 | video (HDV) | sound | OVdt (UTen)

This video shocks the users of the world wide web. It was published on YouTube and shows the immense brutality of the war in Afghanistan. The video was made using an infrared camera, whose broadcast images were recorded off of a computer screen.
Rico Chibac (born 1984) is a filmmaker, musician and artist based in Hamburg. His work is all about subjective reality, immersion and depicting life in its whole. He is Co-Founder of SpiceVR and a part of the Filmfabrique Creative Collective Hamburg.
Kyu Nyun Kim
Das Lachen
4:51 min | 2014 | HD (16:9) | col | sound (no dialog)

Hey. Are you laughing?
Kyu Nyun Kim Born in 1985 in Seoul, South Korea. 2005 – 2011 Study Fine Art: Fine Art SungKyunKwan University, Seoul. Since 2013 Study Fine Art: Fine Art by Prof. Corinna Schnitt, by Prof. Michael Brynntrup, Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Braunschweig.
Jennifer Kurbjuweit
face lovin' happy pills
4:55 min | 2012 | video (HDV) | sound | OVen

“...ooh baby don't stop, don't stop, go deeper, baby deeper, you feel so good, i'm gonna cry...” - Melancholy victim, Drag, fetishised body, autonomous femininity or obsequiousness, male gaze, parody, staging of female facial play, self destruction, gender clichés, women's bodies as a decorative Accessoire, "i 'm gonna take you places you 've never been before", sex object, typically masculine desire...? – an experimentalselfexploringsongcovervideo about love, Gender, pop – and drugs.
Elektra Stoffregen, born in a smalltownculturekaff, now living with * in * and under poor conditions, trying to make art. Or confetti.
Steve Luxembourg
Ce que je n'ai jamais vu
8:53 min | 2015 | HD (16:9) | col | sound | OVfr (no dialog)

Early January. After the terroristic attack I leave Paris for a few days, travel through my homeland, and fill the blackness of what I haven't seen but still experienced with pictures.
Steve Luxembourg is a filmmaker, musician and photographer, born 1993 in southern Germany. In 2012 he began his studies of Fine Art at the University of Fine Art Braunschweig, is currently experiencing several forms of expression such as experimental film, drawings, installations. Furthermore he is about to record his third solo album.
Enrico Viets
6:02 min | 2015 | SD (4:3) | col | stereo | OV (no dialog)

Considered as a portrait of the harbour of Brunswick (Germany), the video project seems to take another direction, featuring an overall look on the strenuous times connected with this artificial harbour to look on. The continuously changing point of views are accompanied by non-verbal encounters of the different aspects the self-filmmaker has had with this place. A collage out of pictures, animations and video sequences is ornamentally put together, not only documenting it but also in creative encounters. The filmmaker has abandoned the aesthetic of the 16:9 plus the high-definition format as in his foregoing films, he did this in the consciousness to have a more photo-like sensation because of its format, a format that may draw nearer to older film formats of experimental film without mocking the viewer.
Enrico Viets, *1984, student in the filmclass since 2008.
Vivian Oliveira
8:00 min | 2015 | HD (16:9) | col | sound | OVpt (UTen)

A surreal atmosphere. An intimate ambience. Intense. Deep. - Maybe a secret force , maybe the soul , maybe the unconsciousness. Standstill ! Tea or Coffee? Cash or card ? Black or white? Difficult questions. Two colors. - Dream? Reality ? The depth of the world of ideas? The real external world ? Silence ! - No laughter, no tears ! Fatigue?Depression? Restlessness? Despair? Nothing ! - Where? Not here, not there ! How ? When ? What ? Why ? How long ? Eternity. 8 minutes. - Logical thoughts are beyond my limits.
Vivian Oliveira, 1983 in Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She studied Psychology at the Catholic University of Petrópolis. Has been studying Free Arts at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste since 2009. Honour as 'Meisterschüler' by Prof. Michael Brynntrup 2015.
Deborah Uhde & John D'Arcy
Back ande Vor
5:32 min | 2014 | HD (16:9) | col | stereo | OVdt+en

A meeting point. A missing point. A conversation at the border of languages.
Deborah Uhde, born in 1982, is an independent filmmaker and artist. Her special focus is set on experimental and documentaristic films, as well as on situative formats like installation or performance. Also writing critiques, instructing workshops/ trainings and curating film programmes.

NY 'NY 'n why not
NY 'NY 'n why not
4 min | 1999 | 35mm | col | stereo [MBCFILM#53]
(Musikfilm) | (music film)
WALK / DON'T WALK / WALK. The rhythm of the nineties.
A music stroll along Christopher Street.
{Information sheet of the film, 1999}
The Jury Award is in recognition of the exceptional quality and diversity of gay and lesbian German films in this year´s Berlinale. Beginning with the inspiring selection of »AIMÉE & JAGUAR«, the first lesbian film to open the Berlinale; to (...) »NY 'NY 'N WHY NOT«, these five German films brilliantly represent the gay and lesbian community and the talent of German film-makers on the world stage.
(Special TEDDY Award 1999, International Berlin Film Festival PANORAMA)