Oct 15th - Nov 24th, 2015

Mini Doc Festival Hanoi
(30.10.2015 – 01.11.2015)

[ supported by the Goethe-Institute Vietnam
and the Braunschweig University of Art (HBK) ]

Programm 3 | program 3
Mini-Workshop by Michael Brynntrup | "Jesus - A collective film project"

[ 127 + x min | 1986-2015 | 1 + x film ]

Mon, 02.11.2015, 14.00-18.00h - Hanoi, Hanoi DocLab / MiniDocFest

The Mini-workshop will explore and discuss on the basis of the collective film project 'Jesus - The Film' the possibilities and chances of collaboration of many film makers to share ideas and produce a common work.

JESUS - THE FILM is a monumental feature film in 35 episodes, shot on Super8. The individual episodes retell the story of the New Testament and were made by a total of 22 filmmakers from East and West Germany in 15 months. The project's own history follows the story of Jesus Christ recruiting his apostles. The film's creator Michael Brynntrup is a central and controversial figure of Berlin's vivid independent community. His transgressive obsessions, as well as his capability to smuggle miles of Russian Super8 film-material through East-West customs, gathered a group of believers around him. Individuals and groups from various art factions filled the holy frame, inspired by the Dadaistic idea of an 'ecriture automatic'. From one to another, they passed ideas, material and actors, including Michael Brynntrup himself as the title character.
(Internet Movie Database - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0400553 - uptodate071231)
VERONIKA (vera ikon)
VERONIKA (vera ikon)
12 min | 1986 | Super8 + 16mm | bw | sound [MBCFILM#17]
(Trailerfilm) | (trailer)
The biblical prohibition of images word for word. God's life story in the form of a trailer: from zero B.C. to the Second Coming of Christ - coming soon.
{Information sheet of the film, 1986}

Brynntrup even went so far as to make a special promotional short for »JESUS« called »VERONIKA«. As well as raising theological questions on the Turin Shroud, »VERONIKA« divulges the best way to knock a nail through the hand; how to experience eternal mysteries anew, and that yes, He is coming "to this theatre - soon." - Still no joy with the Catholic church.
(Headpress Manchester, 3/91 - David Kerekes)
CheUn Dalou
CheUn Dalou
31 min | 2015 | HD (16:9) | bw+col | sound+silent | OVdt+en (UTdt+en)
Contributions by Derhoske, Malte Hartewieg, Sabine Janz, Vivian Oliveira, Meike Redeker, Deborah Uhde and Michael Brynntrup | Artistic Direction: Michael Brynntrup | Live sound by DEKJ (16 March 2015, Athens)
“CheUn Dalou” is an episode film created by the film class from the Braunschweig University of Art (HBK), based on the film “Un Chien Andalou” (1929) by Salvador Dalí and Luis Buñuel. In its radicalness, this classic film is one of the most important works of the avant-garde, having considerably influenced modern art and film into the present day.
For this collective project, the contributors took the material of the original film as a starting point for their individual interpretations of the surrealist concept. This resulted in highly diverse episodes, with some taking the film as a found-footage source for analytical deconstruction, and others taking it (or its images) as an inspiration for performative interventions or the creation of distinctly individual visual and conceptual worlds.

127 min | 1986 | Super8 + DCP | bw (+col) | sound [MBCFILM#14]