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77 Volcano

Abolish genetic engineering

Against Saudi Arabia's war crimes

End racially motivated police violence

Protect freedom of the press from monopolies

Save the whales from massacre

Protect Internet neutrality

Stop the murder of elephants for ivory trade

End settlement in occupied Palestine

Abolition of factory farming

Stop mass executions in Egypt

Against privatization of our drinking water

Stop the mass expulsion of the Maasai

End the mistreatment of women in India

The Apaches need our help

Open our hearts to refugees

Save our seeds from genetic engineering

NO to corruption in Brazil

No genetic engineering for food in the EU

Abolish the Anti-Homosexual Act in Uganda

Belgium: Stop the next Chernobyl

Save Madaya from starvation

Halt the closure of Winterfeldplatz Theatre

Harder penalties for child abuse

Free school transport in Hesse

No increase of dog tax in Wiesbaden

Referendum for Direct Democracy

Immediate stop of deportations to Afghanistan

Keep the Leipzig Symphony Orchestra

#Endhorsecarriages in #Berlin!

Stop expansion of wind power in Osnabrück

Stop the livestock fattening units!

Supermarkets: Don't throw food away!

Make transparent all TTIP documents!

Save Berlin's unique Kiez culture!

Bundeswehr in Syria - No thanks!

Don’t let refugees die

Full rights for gay marriage and adoption

Stop the 'Warning' industry!

Referendum for unconditional basic income

For all Sexual Offences Acts - #Nomeansno

Abolish female genital mutilation in Somalia

More transparency in EU lobbying!

Climate change: Action before it’s too late!

Unbelievable: an ocean of plastic

The end

Dank an: Philippe Begue, Markus Kempken, Rolf Pilarsky
(translation: Diana Mavroleon, Caitlin Schiller)

Michael Brynntrup