»EXPOSITUS« Werkschau
The Lux Centre, London

2-4 Hoxton Square, London N1
05.04.00, 21h | April 5th, 2000, 9pm

Programm | program

TODESSTREIFEN - ein deutscher Film (TS VV III)
9:30 Min. | 1995 | BetaSP + 16mm | col | sound [MBCFILM#47]
The desolate stretch of land on an overgrown graveyard: on June 17th, 1983 a main character crosses the dead no-man's land, - an incident.
Ten years later: on October 3rd, 1993, - an inspection.
{Information sheet of the film, 1995}
5:30 Min. | 1993 | 16mm + 35mm | col | sound [MBCFILM#42]
(Kopffilm) | (head film)
Using found footage from the early 70s porn films, Michael Brynntrup creates a humorous and titillating moving collage of mediated erotic imagery - one that keeps promising the viewer always anticipated cum shot, as well as asking the question, "How 'graphic' does an image have to be before it comes pornographic?"
(Mix '95 New York, Festival Catalogue)
»All You Can Eat« by Michael Brynntrup takes the 'cum-shot' to new heights with a montage of some of the wildest, orgasmic, facial expressions ever composed to a mellow, easy listening sound track.
(Boys On Film No.6, cover text, dangerous to know 1996)
10 Min. | 1993 | 16mm + UmaticHB | col | sound [MBCFILM#41]
(Videofilm) | (video film)
My first video take, - a film, that rhymes between the lines.
So, very good, very good. And... to that I really don't want to add anything else. That was -as you've just now seen- my first Video.
{Information sheet of the film, 1993ff}
KAIN UND ABEL - eine Moritat
10 Min. | 1994 | 16mm | col | sound [MBCFILM#45]
(Lehrstück) | (instructional play)
A queerly provocative retelling of the Bible story about a man's bloodlust for his brother.
(Mix '95 New York, Festival Catalogue)
Taking imitation to profane heights, Brynntrup even has the male character Abel, played by Ichgola Androgyn, give birth to a baby (doll) out of his anus. Here all recourse to notions of biology and gender specificity is abandoned.
(Alice Kuzniar, "The Queer German Cinema", Stanford University Press, July 2000)
HERZSOFORT.SETZUNG II (autogene Manipulationen)
HEART.INSTANT/IATION II (Autogenous Manipulations)
7:15 Min. | 1996 | BetaSP + 16mm | col | sound [MBCFILM#50]
(serielles Selbstportrait) | (selfportrait serial)
»Herzsofort.Setzung« is under no cirumstances a mindless rehearsal of various mediaforms. In spite of different forms like Super8, CD-Rom, VHS-Video, colour copy or computer print, that are presented sometimes in an absurd manner, the single generation of the pictures are linked by the pleasure lying in - the uncertainty of the process, also in the formulation of the question. What remains from the transformed man after his bath in the media?
(Filmwinter, Festival Catalogue 1996 - Ulrich Wegenast)
LOVERFILM - eine unkontrollierte Freisetzung von Information
LOVERFILM - An Uncontrolled Dispersion Of Information
21:30 Min. | 1996 | 16mm + BetaSP | col | sound [MBCFILM#51]
(Actionfilm) | (documentary love story)
This film is based upon true occurrences. Any resemblance to individuals, dead or alive, is not only intentional, but unavoidable. - The viewer is also responsible for images made public. - Excerpts from my Diary and the relevant books of German law.
{Information sheet of the film, 1996}
Noted German experimental filmmaker Michael Brynntrup tantalizes us with his diaristic account of his many lovers. What seems at first to be an extended exercise in ego, gradually becomes a powerful social record of gay life in the years spanning gay liberation and the aids-crisis.
(Best Experimental Work / New Screen Section, Images Festival of Independent Film and Video Toronto 1998)
TABU V (wovon man nicht sprechen kann)
TABU V (About Which One Cannot Speak)
13:00 Min. | 1998 | 16mm | col | sound [MBCFILM#52]
(Tagebuchfilm) | (film diary)
About which one cannot speak, one must make films.
(loosely based on Ludwig Wittgenstein)
{Information sheet of the film, 1998}
TABU V plays with the medium of film in a light-hearted and inquisitive manner; a concentrated, intelligent and multilayered film in which wit is juxtaposed assuredly with profound, searching analysis.
(New York Film Academy Award - Best Short Film, Panorama 1998)
NY 'NY 'n why not
NY 'NY 'n why not
4 Min. | 1999 | 35mm | col | stereo [MBCFILM#53]
(Musikfilm) | (music film)
WALK / DON'T WALK / WALK. The rhythm of the nineties.
A music stroll along Christopher Street.
{Information sheet of the film, 1999}
The Jury Award is in recognition of the exceptional quality and diversity of gay and lesbian German films in this year´s Berlinale. Beginning with the inspiring selection of »AIMÉE & JAGUAR«, the first lesbian film to open the Berlinale; to (...) »NY 'NY 'N WHY NOT«, these five German films brilliantly represent the gay and lesbian community and the talent of German film-makers on the world stage.
(Special TEDDY Award 1999, International Berlin Film Festival PANORAMA)